Eladrea Resources

Resources are crucially required for progressing the game further. Players spent their resources on such actions as:
  • Capital building and development
  • Hiring and upgrading troops
  • Buying and crafting items and consumables
  • Leveling up heroes
  • Trading and Gambling
  • Unlocking certain regions

Resource types

There are 6 types of in-game resources (or currency). Two types of tokens and four types of soft low-tier resources. Each of them serves its own purpose but all of them are required for progressing the game.
  • $ELDR TOKEN - Eladrea Metaverse Governance Token. Being the first of 5 projects inside this Metaverse, Eladrea: The Land of The Ancients possesses only 20% of this token emission. It can only be purchased for cryptocurrency or farmed at the game's high levels.
  • $FEA TOKEN - a hard currency with infinite issuance. It is the main currency required to purchase and run most of the in-game activities processes. $FEA used for army recruitment and upgrading, buildings improvement, items crafting and upgrading, etc. $FEA can be obtained in small quantities during in-game activities, such as boss battles. Also, they are continuously generated by Fea monuments and certain NFTs.
  • Gold, Wood, Stone, and Iron are lower-tier soft currency resources for building and upgrading most of your capital structures. Can be combined with $FEA tokens for items crafting, dismantling, and upgrading. These four resources can be obtained in-game regions in several ways: as a reward for victory in combat, as a passive income from mines, or by looting other players.
Resourses reward for defeating enemy mob